TEDxElginSt – S09E27

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It’s been awhile I have wrote a blog entry. Some of you know I had been going through a rough patch and a lack of music coverage coming from it. Aside from that, let’s get on with this.

On the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural TEDxElginSt at The Canadian Museum of Nature. The conference was to bring about ideas to spread around through the speakers and videos presented. TEDx is more on the local and independent event on a smaller level. The theme to TEDxElginSt was Rethink, Rebuild. The event showed how much there is to Ottawa to being an exciting city. It showcased some of the speakers about the importance of thinking and building things from start and succeeding from it. Ironic that the event being held at the museum showed that it went through changes over the years and bringing the old meeting the new mentality.

The speakers (linked to their Twitter) who spoke at event were Dave Conabree, Jess Tomlin, Tabatha Soltay, John A. Gorman, Michael Grigoriev, Sean Blanda, Sarah Gelbard, James Boettcher, Stephanie Vicente, Tim Barber, Nicole Belanger and Katie Zeppieri. The MC was Ian Capstick.
It was definitely a great line up of speakers and some were from Brooklyn, New York, Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario.
The topics ranged from the public service to gaming to architecture to solar power to mental health to the power of the bystander. All of them were excellent and it brought along some thought provoking ideas to the inspirational and to the witty speeches.

Overall, my experience attending TEDxElginSt was positive and fun. I have been hearing a lot of buzz and popularity with TED events being held throughout the world. Kudos to the organizers and the team for holding an amazing event and a privilege to come in as a photographer along with my brother. My brother should take more credit as he’s the better photographer as I am.

I had planned to post some edited photos on here. Instead, you can check the photos over at Flickr by clicking here. Lastly, I was also in a photo over at loveOttawa, you can check it out by clicking here.
See you around!