Sunday Morning at Canadian Tulip Festival – S11E24

Canadian Tulip Festival 2016 Main

On a cold Sunday morning, I went to Aberdeen Pavilion in Lansdowne Park for the Canadian Tulip Festival. The festival runs from May 12th to the 23rd.

At the venue, there are a lot of activities happening and there’s the International Friendship Pavilion showcasing various music and dance performances. The best thing about the venue is that it’s indoors. There’s no worrying over rain. The last time I checked out an event for Tulip Festival, it was outdoors and to support a friend who was MCing.

Taiwan is one of the countries taking part at Tulip Festival and that two of the members of the lion dance troupe took part in it. They were the dancing gods. I found the info over on Wikipedia, which you can read.

The weather should get warmer later this week and it’s best to check out the tulips come Victoria Day weekend.

Aside from the performance, I took photos of the indoor Tulip and Sculpture Garden.

The photos can viewed below.

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  1. I was there on Thursday night, too (opening day). Love all the tulip sculptures and live music was great as well. I really like that they moved the home base of the sculptures etc to the Aberdeen Pavilion, it’s a nice building for it. Great photos!

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