Leaping In Fine Form After Battling a Cold – S07E28

It’s every four years when there’s a 29th day to February and it’s just unique to have it on my radio show at CKCU-FM. It’s pretty nice to get a show on that extra day. Aside from that, I totally apologize for not posting last week’s show as I succumbed from a bout of the cold, fever and cough. For the time being, the live part of February 22nd’s radio show is not fixed up but the leap day edition of the radio show is posted on here. The February 22nd radio show had a live phone interview with singer-songwriter, Emma-Lee.
For today’s show, it was taking it easy as I recover from my cold/cough and I was able to play new tracks from Rose Cousins, Said The Whale and Sleigh Bells.
The playlist for the leap day (February 29th) show is over at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The full show for February 29th – Press play to listen.

The live part of the radio show – Press play to listen.

From February 22nd, the live show and the playlist is over at this link. – press play to listen.

Ottawa Fashion Week A/W 2012 on The Final Day and Oh Yes! It’s My Birthday – S07E27

It was the final day of Ottawa Fashion Week’s Autumn/Winter edition and I did not expect to attend but it was due to some luck and also a fun opportunity to see people again. Afterall, it was great to see the usual photographers at the photo pit and there were a few new joiners to the ruckus and humorous crowd of the photographers. Due to my own bungling, I forgot to get the program guide for Sunday’s OFW event. There were some new designers appearing at OFW from the likes of Loft 604. The Sunday lineup also had Ella Peru, Helmer, & Symbiose by Hinda A.
The highlight of the night was the Runway for a Better Way as it was a charity to support UNICEF Canada. Celebrities from Elizabeth Manley, Lianne Liang, Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas), singer/actress Cory Lee, social media/blogger Casie Stewart, Erica Wark and etc. The photos are be posted below.
It was nice to have a bit of CKCU-FM connection (aside from Jewne on Fundamentally Sound) at OFW as one of the photographers is on Carleton University’s Journalism program, Midweek. Her is blog is called Always On.

Uh-oh! It’s My Birthday
Being that it’s February 20th and it’s also Family Day in Ontario. That’s right, it’s my birthday today and it’s nice that friends are posting their birthday greetings on my Facebook wall. I would be put in tears to read through them. I know it sounds sentimental.
Another thing to drive me crazy is my iPhone ringing off the hook from the Facebook notifications.
What will I be doing on the special day? Not very much to say the least and being that certain places are closed for Family Day, it will be a relaxing day.
Here’s a photographer friend who took this shot of me at OFW.

Photo credit/copyright by B. Goldschmied
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The Will Currie and The Country French Interview and Yes! Cupcakes – S07E26

It was a great privilege to chat with Will Currie from Will Currie and the Country French on the weekend. The band has been around for a couple of years and I did not get a chance to do an interview them when they stopped by in Ottawa. The interview was aired on Wednesday’s show at CKCU-FM. It’s been awhile that I have done a music interview because it was a slow time during the holidays and up until January of 2012.
The interview with Currie was light-hearted at best and really wished that my co-host was there to help out as well. Overall, it was nicely done. Oh yes! Even though I rarely mention it on my show, I had cupcakes to bring along for Will Currie and The Country French and almost forgot that it was the lead member’s birthday at the time of the recording. The photo of the cupcakes is posted below.
Don’t forget to listen to the radio show and the interview at your own time.
The playlist for Wednesday’s show is over at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown summary will be posted later.

The full February 15th show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://www.archive.org/download/WildworksonCkcu-fmForFebruary152012/WildworksFebruary152012.mp3]
The live part of the show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://www.archive.org/download/WildworksonCkcu-fmForFebruary152012/WildworksFeb15Live.mp3]
The Will Currie and The Country French Interview

The cupcakes to Will Currie and The Country French from Saturday, Feb. 11th

From The Juno Nominees to Love Songs – S07E25

This week’s show has a lot of materials covered as myself and co-host, Lauren talked about the Juno Awards nominees and then playing love songs for Valentine’s Day. The 2012 edition of the Juno Awards will be in Ottawa on April 1st. The nominees were announced on Tuesday and the selections were pretty satisfying as Canadian indie bands and musicians from the likes of Dan Mangan, The Sheepdogs, Braids, Diamond Rings and Hey Rosetta! got Juno nods. It’s nice to see these bands and musicians get recognized.
The next part is the photo above as we did the heart shape symbol. Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s become a yearly thing to play love songs. As usual, it’s mainly on the Chinese songs and First Love by Utada Hikaru as it deals with love and fitting for Valentine’s Day. DJ Digs joined in the live part of the show.
Since this week’s radio show is pretty jam packed, you can listen to two parts as it’s best to not listen to the entire show in one sitting. The first part is the Wild 10 Countdown and the Juno Awards nominees and the second part is the live show on CKCU-FM. There’s an extra from the live show as we continued to have an entertaining discussion on Valentine’s Day and boy bands.
The playlist for the Feb. 8th show is at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The first part of the show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://www.archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForFebruary82012/WildworksFebruary82012PartA.mp3]
The second part of the show – Press play to listen.
[audio http://www.archive.org/download/WildworksOnCkcu-fmForFebruary82012/WildworksFebruary82012Live.mp3]

It’s Nice to Win an Award – S07E24

It’s with great surprise to have won an award from the Canadian Weblog Awards by Ninjamatics. In honesty, I did not expect to get through the shortlist and then getting the top spot for Best Weblog About Music. It was awesome getting kind messages from friends with a congratulation. I never expect to do a good job blogging but lacked the confidence in being positive to bringing my blog forward. All in all, it’s nice that the awards is not based on popularity, it’s based on the quality and accessibility. I do forget that I do provide excellent content in terms of audio. I got to thank the jury for their extra hard work and judging on all the blogs that competed. There are a lot of excellent blogs throughout Canada.
If CKCU-FM wasn’t a big supporter, this blog wouldn’t get far with the contents I provide and I wouldn’t be able to showcase Canadian indie and local talent as the Internet has become beneficial to music and how shifts in traditional media is getting weeded out because social media is giving musicians and bands a better avenue to showcase their materials.
I should thank a lot of people for their support; Nat & Marie, the CKCU-FM staff, hosts & volunteers, CHUO-FM shows like Now Playing, Ivory Antenna, & Best In British Music, Gloria Song, Candice So, Alan Neal, CBC Radio 3 fans and hosts, Strombo (not writing his full name), the two Brian’s, and various Canadian indie musicians & bands. The Ottawa Twitter people I’ve met and there’s a whole bunch to list that I can think of.
Apology on the photo as it doesn’t have a link to the blog entry. I could explain that it’s the Year of the Dragon and the dragon is considered to be lucky and powerful. Hence, the luck I’ve been getting from the MOO cards to this award.
I will continue to bring the best on my blog.

The Feb. 1st Radio Show
As for the radio show, I began the show with a epilogue to NBC’s Chuck. I decided to play Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart because the scene at the end was poignant and sad as the TV show ended its 5 year run. At the last minute prior to my show, I added another song played on Chuck, it’s by the Ghost Society and the song’s called Your Hands. I will post the video clips from below. I really miss the show.
Also on the radio show was playing two Lana Del Rey songs as her album, Born To Die got released and has created buzz as it’s topping the charts in various countries on iTunes.
Don’t forget to check the playlist over at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown summary is posted at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The full radio show for Feb. 1 – Press play to listen.

The live part of the show – Press play to listen.

Fundamentally Sound on February 2, 2012 as I was given a nice thanks from the hosts – Press to play to listen.

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