The 2011 Funding Drive Show #1 and the Interviews with Louise Burns & Data Romance – S07E10

It’s been a hectic few days (hence the delay in posting up the radio show and the blog). The CKCU Funding Drive has started and there’s been some growing pains as a couple of shows are not on target compared to last year. It’s only the first week and it will be slow. The second week should start to pick up.
This week’s radio show was slightly a mess but I was able to air the interviews from Louise Burns and Data Romance. In a way, it’s a Vancouver flavour of Indie Pop and Electronic music. It was nice to do interviews as they were pretty light-hearted and funny. Unfortunately, my co-host was not able to help out for those.
I was helping out with various volunteers and hosts for their phone shifts. It’s great to meet song long time hosts again and new hosts. It’s like one big family. Thursday was by far the best because I had a blast co-host for the Thursday Special Blend with a high school co-op, then helping out for the second half of Special Blend with David Yazbeck, Whatever’s Cool With Me with Ryan and then co-host for Fundamentally Sound with loads of guests hanging out.
What also made my Thursday morning was seeing The Balconies on Yazbeck’s show. They were kind to perform 2 new songs for their upcoming album in the new year. I got the audio but I won’t upload it as it’s Yazbeck’s show and I wouldn’t do anything without his permission. Overall, a fun time on Thursday made up a bad day on Wednesday.
The playlist for the podcast and live airing of my radio show is over at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown Summary (for October 26) is over at this link.
Before you listen to the podcast/radio show or the interviews, please donate at whatever amount on the CKCU Secure Pledge webpage. The goal for the station is $111,000 until November 6. We need listeners supporting campus community radio as hosts and volunteers bring a different flavour than commercial and private radio stations.

The October 26th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

Fundamentally Sound on October 27 – Press play to listen.

The Louise Burns Interview

The Data Romance Interview

The Dan Mangan and Braids Interviews – S07E09

It was quite a weekend as Lauren and myself got to interview Dan Mangan on Friday. It was great to see Mangan again and it was thrilling for my co-host to interview him. Mangan is very popular in the Canadian music realm and the release of Oh Fortune, his third album, has cemented it. Overall, it was a nice time to chat with Mangan. I wasn’t alone to interviewing Mangan, the crew from Apartment613 were there to interview him with video equipment in tow. I’m waiting to see their article on him. Lastly, it’s cool to take a Polaroid photo with Mangan as it’s posted above.
The next day, I had the opportunity to interview Braids but without my co-host. It was a fun interview as well. On Sunday, there was another interview I did, which will air in the future, that was Data Romance. They’re an electronic duo from Vancouver, British Columbia. It was quite jam packed for the weekend and there was The Sheepdogs in-store performance on Saturday. My co-host did go to the concert at Scotiabank Place as the Saskatoon band opened up for The Kings of Leon.
Aside from the excitement, Wednesday morning was not as exciting as the computers at CKCU-FM weren’t functioning. The Wednesday morning host (Special Blend) was in a bad mood when the equipments malfunctioned.
For the time being, the live airing of the radio show was not combined with the podcast version. What you will be hearing will be a full podcast edition of WildWorks. The live airing did not have Lauren joining me due to the fact that she couldn’t make it for the morning for the prerecording of the podcast.
You can listen to audio and interviews at the bottom. The Dan Mangan interview is not posted onto Soundcloud due to copyright issues.

This week’s playlist is posted at this link over at the CKCU-FM website.
The Wild 10 Countdown Summary for October 19th is at this link.

The October 19th Podcast Show joined with Lauren B. – Press play to listen. Check Playlist.

The Dan Mangan Interview – Press play to listen or the interview without the songs being used.

The Braids Interview

Things Got Delayed Due To Technology Issues & The Adam & The Amethysts Interview – S07E08

Sorry for the delay as I was concentrating on updating my Apple device to iOS 5. The frustration was that their servers got overwhelmed and I wasted the whole afternoon. My devices were not able to be updated due to backup errors. Another issue was RIM’s BlackBerry being down throughout the world. I was able to go online during my radio show but after my show and hopping the bus, I was Twitter-less.
This leads to the interview with Adam Waito of Adam & The Amethysts. I had a chance to meet him at Raw Sugar Cafe on October 7, 2011. Great band and they’ve been garnering a lot of buzz and airplay as Flickering Flashlight got released. Probably one of the reason for their buzz is being that they’re signed with Ottawa’s Kelp Records. The band had a good turnout at Raw Sugar Cafe for that Friday night. The interview itself is posted below on the audio and podcast section. Also on the show were the top 10 countdown and songs that used from Apple tv ads.
Aside from the insanity of BlackBerry and Apple, later that Wednesday night, I attended the launch party for It was nice to see a few people and I totally ate a lot of smoked salmon. Kudos to the person who planned out the party. Oh yes, my Apple devices were updated to iOS 5 later that night.
Without further ado, the playlist from Wednesday’s show and the first podcast is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.

The October 12th radio show and podcast. Press play to listen.

The Adam & The Amethysts Interview

The Interview With Casey Mecija of Ohbijou & Another Live 2 Hour Show – S07E07

It’s been quite a busy week. attending Ottawa Fashion Week on the weekend was fun. I got a lion dance performance for the Double Ten Day Celebration as Taiwan marks 100 years as it formed the Republic of China.

Wednesday’s radio show was a rare 2 hour live edition as the 10am host was under the weather. Due to the extra hour, there was a bit of wheeling and dealing as I planned to do a live phone interview Ohbijou’s Casey Mecija. It was originally for the live part of the radio show (at around 11:05am, Eastern time), the 10am slot was a blessing as I needed to accomodate my co-host as she’s not able to stay for the full show at 11am.
What were mentioned in the live phone interview were the creation of Metal Meets, Pop Montreal and the show at Ritual Nightclub for October 6th (Thursday). I was supposed to interview Ohbijou prior to going to Pop Montreal. In a way, it’s more of a wrapup to the music festival.
As usual, I posted the radio show and the interview for separate listening needs.

To check what was played on the show or when you’re listening (posted below), the playlist is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is posted at this link.

The October 5th radio show – press play to listen.
The interview with Casey Mecija of Ohbijou.

Attended Ottawa Fashion Week With a Touch of Mentioning Friends and Sushi – S07E06

After an exciting time in Montreal for Pop Montreal on the previous weekend, I’d never expect to attend another event, in a fashion sense for Ottawa. That’s right, Ottawa Fashion Week was held on September 29 to October 1. For myself, I only attended Friday and part of Saturday’s night event. I had mixed feelings in wanting to attend because I couldn’t get over being in Montreal and Arcade Fire. It was a bit of fatigue setting in. At OFW, I settled being a photographer and I was surrounded by professionals At least, a good friend attended the Fall edition of OFW and we basically had a great time laughing and bringing up jokes. At least I wasn’t intimidated by photographers. It was definitely a blast to have him around and bringing my funny antics at events like this would bring a lot of fun. It was also a privilege to meet the blogger, Thoughts of a Ninja. She was doing the live video stream for OFW and it sure looked like a fun job to video broadcast on the Internet. It was also nice to see Pop ChampagneMay-Jun, Sincerely, Sabrina and countless others at the event.
As for Saturday night, I missed parts of showings as I went to 168 Sushi for a friend’s birthday. The most hilarious part was sneaking out some sushi as with “all you can sushi,” they’ll throw away the leftover if you can’t finish. I promised my photographer friend and a friend (who’s with OFW) that I will save them sushi and I did. It’s definitely a moment for 2011 to remember. I was supposed to record a special podcast but the endless orders sushi’s came in and I didn’t record for the closing part as I gave my friend the Kanpe tea from DAVIDsTEA.
Don’t forget to check the photos below. I tried my best taking them but hopefully you enjoy the photos. I picked a select few as I took so many photos.

From Friday

From Saturday Night