Cupcakes Again On a Saturday Night – S06E25

For the second time before heading to CKCU-FM for The New Midnight Jamz, I went for another batch of cupcakes as I heard this past week about a new cupcake place which opened up in the Byward Market. It’s called Glitz Cupcakes and Company and it’s located on 11 Murray St. As you see the photo on top, they look scrumptious. I brought it for The New Midnight Jamz and the hosts didn’t mind it again. The verdict on the cupcakes this time were that they’re very sweet. For myself, it wasn’t too bad as I tried maple (middle left) and strawberry (top right). The good thing about Glitz’s cupcakes were that it was still moist and there was no dryness when eating it. Aside from the sugary-ness, you would still need a full glass of water to wash off.
For a slight shout/plug, I will wait for Hilary Duff (not the pop singer) when she gets a chance to check it out and review it for Local Tourist Ottawa. She’s been searching for cupcakes in Ottawa. Check her reviews out!
Another surprise from the host of The New Midnight Jamz was that he gave me a cake as a late birthday greeting as last weekend was my birthday. Thanks for the nice surprise as their show is not on every Saturdays.
Food aside, the tunes played on The New Midnight Jamz were the usual Hip-Hop and R&B tracks with some Canadian content added. To check the playlist, go to this link.

The February 26th edition of The New Midnight Jamz. Added was a pre-show podcast exclusive as I was the host to kick off The New Midnight Jamz.
Press play to listen.

New Addition
Also happened on Saturday was getting a USB microphone. Since being cut to an hour on the airwaves, I’ve decided to get comfortable with pre-recording part of my show as I get more leeway to be loose and go at my own pace. The microphone I purchased was Blue Microphones Yeti. The microphone has been out for awhile and I found out that they’re out with the Yeti Pro but I don’t think I would need it due to the price. I tested the microphone out as I pre-recorded for the pre-show on The New Midnight Jamz. To my own surprise, the sound quality of the recording went pretty well. Easy setup to my laptop and that was it. Here’s the photo of it.

The Hey Rosetta! Interview – S06E24

Due to circumstances, I’ve been under the weather as I caught a fever and a cold during Wednesday’s show. It couldn’t happen at a bad time when I went to air the Hey Rosetta! interview for my radio show at CKCU-FM. Since I had a special edition of WildWorks due to another radio show being on a short break. About two hours were on the airwaves. The live to air version is not it as I aired a dedication to a radio host on Wednesday nights who passed away. My condolences goes to the family and it’s a privilege to be great radio hosts at CKCU-FM.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is over at this link. Apologies for the delay due to being sick.
For anyone who missed it live, songs I played were the new Radiohead song, brand new Adele as her album, 21 got released and a whole slew of Canadian music.

The blog finally hit 10,000 views. I know it’s a bit slow having to keep promoting it on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks a lot for supporting.
You can listen to the radio show from below. The playlist is at this link.

Audio – Radio Show & Hey Rosetta! Interview
Radio Show – press play to listen.

The Hey Rosetta! Interview – Press play to listen or download it.

The Post Chinese New Years Craziness – S06E23

The year of the rabbit for Chinese New Year has wrapped up. OK, I couldn’t think of a good entry to coincide February 16th’s radio show. I did mention that I wrapped up whatever I had done for Chinese New Year. The photo above was a performance at uOttawa on Sunday as there was a karaoke event held by the Chinese students association from the university. Another thing is that February is starting to go by quickly.
This week’s show was basically playing various new indie music from North America to the UK. I am still on a music interview drought due to the lion dance performances and hanging out on The New Midnight Jamz with cupcakes on hand. I also brought back the theme song to Being Erica as the opener for the second hour/live show because I was excited that the show is returning for a fourth season. It’s been awhile that I haven’t used the song as I was unsure about the show’s status.
Of the songs played on the show, I am still hooked on Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells & I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.
Arcade Fire is making the rounds as they won several music awards. It was conspicuous that I stopped playing Arcade Fire on my show as I had played them non-stop. Congratulations to the band as they made The Suburbs an excellent album in 2010.
Uh-oh, I’m starting to forget about February 20th. It means something and I’m not going to elaborate further.

You can check the playlist at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown entry for February 16 is at this link.

Press play to listen to the radio show.

Jamming Along With Cupcakes on Saturday Night – S06E22

What could I say about helping out on the February 12th edition of The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. Aside that it was the Valentine’s Day edition, I decided to bring something that’s nice and yummy. That’s right, it’s cupcakes! The photo above are from The Flour Shoppe. If I can remember the flavours, from top left to bottom right, double chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, coconut, chocolate chip pancake, and black & white. There were three more cupcakes that I got at Thimble Cakes. It’s pictured on the bottom and the three flavours were lemon, strawberry cheesecake (the one with the black heart) and mint chocolate. Unfortunately, I did not try the ones from Thimble Cakes but the host and one of the co-hosts from The New Midnight Jamz liked the cupcakes. Apologies on the Thimble Cakes photo because I kind of slipped the box when I was putting it in the bag. Overall, the gang and special guest, Dennis of Fundamentally Sound (airs on Thursday from 12-2pm at CKCU-FM) liked the cupcakes from the two shops. There was jokes on the milk when one of the hosts brought 1% milk. The others aren’t fans of that kind.
Saturday night’s radio show was totally hilarious with the hot topic about hall pass. It had something to do about a movie coming out soon. There was a lot of laughter during the segment.
It was great to have another radio show host (including myself) just having a great time on The New Midnight Jamz.
Without further ado, the audio from The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. I only talked during the first host break. There’s two photos posted at the bottom.
Tempted to get cupcakes?

Press play to listen to The New Midnight Jamz for February 12, 2011. To check the playlist, go to this link.

The Hot Topic segment – press play to listen.


I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun & It’s Chinese New Year Time – S06E21

Taken from the Beach House holiday song, it was “snowmageddon” in Ottawa and including Toronto and Montreal. Although, I got to CKCU-FM with no delays. The snowstorm did not seem too bad when I left the house this morning.
Today’s radio show started off with “Snowed In” by Joel Plaskett as the intro as people in Ottawa were trying to get through the snow. The show was more on Chinese New Year as it celebrates the year of the rabbit. In fitting fashion, various Chinese New Years songs were play in the second hour of the show.
I am excited to have some lion dance on the start of Chinese New Year as it’s become a yearly tradition performing at places and keeping the people happy and prosperous.
If you want to check what was played on the show, the playlist is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.
Gong Hey Fatt Choy everyone!

Feb. 9th Update
I added the radio show stream and The Wild 10 Countdown continues on for the blog. The second hour of the show consisted of love songs for Valentine’s Day coming up. Still continuing with Chinese New Year as the seventh day is everyone’s birthday.
The link to check the February 9th edition of The Wild 10 Countdown is at this link. In keeping the slight reference to Beach House, the February 9th show had a song by Beach House. It is linked to the 2nd annual Valentine’s Day show.

Audio – Shows from February 2nd and 9th
February 2nd radio show – press play to listen.

Pre snowstorm craziness, I helped out on The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM on January 29, 2011.
Press play to listen.

The February 9th radio show – press play to listen and the playlist is at this link.

Chinese New Year 2011
It’s the year of the rabbit and here a few photos from other liondance performances.
The Chinese New Year Parade in Ottawa Chinatown, here’s one from the Ottawa Sun.