It’s Nice to Win an Award – S07E24

It’s with great surprise to have won an award from the Canadian Weblog Awards by Ninjamatics. In honesty, I did not expect to get through the shortlist and then getting the top spot for Best Weblog About Music. It was awesome getting kind messages from friends with a congratulation. I never expect to do a good job blogging but lacked the confidence in being positive to bringing my blog forward. All in all, it’s nice that the awards is not based on popularity, it’s based on the quality and accessibility. I do forget that I do provide excellent content in terms of audio. I got to thank the jury for their extra hard work and judging on all the blogs that competed. There are a lot of excellent blogs throughout Canada.
If CKCU-FM wasn’t a big supporter, this blog wouldn’t get far with the contents I provide and I wouldn’t be able to showcase Canadian indie and local talent as the Internet has become beneficial to music and how shifts in traditional media is getting weeded out because social media is giving musicians and bands a better avenue to showcase their materials.
I should thank a lot of people for their support; Nat & Marie, the CKCU-FM staff, hosts & volunteers, CHUO-FM shows like Now Playing, Ivory Antenna, & Best In British Music, Gloria Song, Candice So, Alan Neal, CBC Radio 3 fans and hosts, Strombo (not writing his full name), the two Brian’s, and various Canadian indie musicians & bands. The Ottawa Twitter people I’ve met and there’s a whole bunch to list that I can think of.
Apology on the photo as it doesn’t have a link to the blog entry. I could explain that it’s the Year of the Dragon and the dragon is considered to be lucky and powerful. Hence, the luck I’ve been getting from the MOO cards to this award.
I will continue to bring the best on my blog.

The Feb. 1st Radio Show
As for the radio show, I began the show with a epilogue to NBC’s Chuck. I decided to play Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart because the scene at the end was poignant and sad as the TV show ended its 5 year run. At the last minute prior to my show, I added another song played on Chuck, it’s by the Ghost Society and the song’s called Your Hands. I will post the video clips from below. I really miss the show.
Also on the radio show was playing two Lana Del Rey songs as her album, Born To Die got released and has created buzz as it’s topping the charts in various countries on iTunes.
Don’t forget to check the playlist over at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown summary is posted at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The full radio show for Feb. 1 – Press play to listen.

The live part of the show – Press play to listen.

Fundamentally Sound on February 2, 2012 as I was given a nice thanks from the hosts – Press to play to listen.

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Blame It on SOPA and a Certain Lion – S07E21

Do I really need to blame anything that happen on Wednesday? It was certainly a crazy day as so many things happened with a morning lion dance to enduring morning traffic and certain websites going down due to an online protest. I didn’t get too highly involved because of the hectic morning and of course, the radio show. I am in support against SOPA because I post materials on my blog and I do worry about getting in trouble because of copyright laws and other factors.
Aside from that, I could bring a blame on the Chinese lion because I had to delay part of my radio/podcast show. The live radio show was a farewell to a favourite TV show, Chuck. Although, the series finale airs on January 27, 2012, it got pushed up a week because of the Chinese New Year themed show. The songs I picked were my favourites and people who are not familiar with Chuck would be surprised that certain Canadian indie bands were played on the show. There was a segment from an unaired interview with In-Flight Safety, which was recorded in the Summer of 2010. It was with the front man of the band, John Mullane as we chatted about their song being used on NBC’s Chuck.
Hope you enjoy this week’s shows. After the farewell to Chuck edition, it’s The Wild 10 Countdown as there are a couple of new entries.
Before you listen to the audio, the playlist from the January 18th show is at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown summary is over at this link.
Exciting news! The WildWorks Station is on the shortlist for the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards nomination. The blog is in the category for Best Weblog About Music. It’s nice to get support from friends as they were happy that I got on the shortlist. Thanks!

The January 18th Show – Press play to listen.
The January 19th Show (The Wild 10 Countdown) – Press play to listen.
The Short Chat about Chuck with John Mullane of In-Flight Safety (Recorded back in 2010)

May Sweeps and Chinatown Remixed – S06E36

Weekend Fun – Radio Show & May Sweeps (TV Shows)
It was an awesome weekend as it started off with The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. There were some guests and it became fun hanging around. There were models and then the other guest was a DJ and friends. Considering that it’s the final May to be on the show as the remaining weekends of May will have me absent. As for the models from Saturday’s show, they will be back again for my show for Wednesday morning.

Onto May sweeps, it’s this time of year when the TV season is finishing up. From the special podcast with Daddy Rich of The New Midnight Jamz, we talked about show which ended on Friday. It was Smallville as it wrapped ten seasons on TV. It’s astounding that it lasted ten years. The first song to start off was “Save Me” by Remo Zero. It’s going to be sad missing the song. Another show being discussed on the special podcast is Chuck as it wraps up its fourth season and great but sad news for the show is that it will be back for a fifth and final season with only 13 episodes. Also on the podcast were songs that were played on Chuck as some of the songs were from Canadian indie bands. Played were Stars, In-Flight Safety and Plants & Animals. Lastly, how can you not forget about Doctor Who as the current sixth series has been good.

You can listen to the special podcast and the May 14th edition of The New Midnight Jamz in the audio section. I will try to post up a playlist from the special podcast. Hope you will enjoy the podcast.

Chinatown Remixed 2011
This leads me to the other event on Sunday. It was Chinatown Remixed in Ottawa’s Chinatown on Somerset Street, I was there to support May-Jun as she had her art photograph displayed at one of the venues and do a live performance. After her performance, I decided to tag along and check out the other art and photo displays at various places on Ottawa Chinatown. It was all in great fun on a nice Sunday afternoon. Luckily, the rain held off for the rest of Sunday afternoon.
The photos are posted below. Enjoy!

The WildWorks special podcast edition (for May 16, 2011) – joined by Daddy Rich of The New Midnight Jamz. Press play to listen.

The May 14th edition of The New Midnight Jamz – Press play to listen.


Easter Weekend Fun in Montreal with You Say Party! We Say Die! & Part of The Belle Game – S05.2E03

You Say Party! We Say Die! in Montreal
Back from Montreal, QC over the Easter holiday. It was a spur of the moment because You Say Party! We Say Die! was in Montreal for a show there and they skipped Ottawa and a few other Ontario cities. It was nice to go outside of Ottawa for a concert. It’s been a very long time I went to a concert in Montreal and that was back in 1993 for Duran Duran at the once famous and legendary Montreal Forum. The slight irony with these two different bands that they are in the New Wave music genre.
Back to YSP! WSD! in Montreal, they were performing at La Sala Rossa. As previously mentioned, it’s the first time to check out an indie music venue in Montreal and my lack of knowledge of the Montreal music scene and venues are minimal at best. Prior to their performance, I arrived to the venue a bit early because I am not familiar with area of Montreal and I saw some of the members and they remembered me.
Overall, their performance was energetic and lot of dancing around. It was great to remember half of the songs because I always kept playing songs from XXXX on my radio show. The crazy part came almost near the end of the set when Like I Give a Care was played and then the opening acts (Braids and Makeout Videotape) came out on stage and delivered the mosh pit/crowd surfing. Lead vocalist, Becky Ninkovic joined in the fray towards the crowd. The other crazy part was her back or leg landed on me as she was getting back on stage from the moshing.
The photo on top was when the band performed on Like I Give A Care.

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