A Midsummer’s Fun Time – [Summer Special]

Summer 2014 Collage 2
Here’s a bit of a update with a Summer special entry. In a way, it’s more of a midsummer update as Summer is halfway through and there’s been interesting events I was able to check out.
There were Canada Day (2014 edition), a trip to Stratford, Ontario, the Casino Lac Leamy Sound of Light Fireworks and Etsy Road Trip.

You check out the photos from below. There’s also some Impossible Project photos that were taken.
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Summer Special – The Community Cup 2013

CKCU CBC Ottawa Commuity Cup Photo Frame

It’s soon to write a blog entry as the current season wrapped up but this is a Summer special. All I can say that it was a great opportunity to participate in The Community Cup for the second year and to support and represent CKCU-FM. What a way to start the Summer fun and a lead in to Canada Day.

I have to grin and bear it as Team CBC Ottawa beat Team CKCU to a score of 3-1. They took a nice revenge after a score-less tie from last year’s game. All in all, it’s for a good fun and no bitterness afterwards. You were awesome and a class act. It was also great to see Amanda Putz of CBC Bandwidth as I haven’t seen her around in quite awhile. Great to see get into the soccer spirit and downing Team CKCU.
I was able to shoot this video on Instagram of the post-game handshakes. Another Instagram video with Teri Loretto and Jewne Johnson doing the news. Lastly, I brought along the Fujifilm Instax Camera and the people were astonished to see the camera and instant film.

It was nice to have hosts of Fundamentally Sound and Debaser take part in this year’s Community Cup and there were a few other hosts as well. Kudos to DJ 2 Creamz for DJing at the event as well.
Time to recover from the pain.

Photos are posted on Flickr at this link. Some photos are posted on Facebook over at this link.
On the Summer edition of WildWorks on CKCU, I will be airing some of the reactions and thoughts from the teammates and a few from CBC Ottawa.
Have a great Canada Day! You can check the photos from Canada Day over at this link.

Update for July 3rd – Audio segment from The Community Cup is posted up. It consisted of reactions of teammates from CKCU and CBC Ottawa. An apology as I forgot to give thanks to the organizers of The Community Cup on the radio show.
The Wild 10 Countdown for July 3rd entry is over at this link.

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Summer Special 2011 – Canada Day

Since it’s a summer entry as the blog won’t be updated regularly for the Summer months. It will be less writing and more visuals.
It was a nice and sunny day in the Nation’s Capital on July 1st, Canada Day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see the Royal couple, William and Kate and then the fireworks. Here are photos that I took at the Ottawa Jazz Festival in the afternoon.

Ruby Jean and The Thoughtful Bees at Ottawa Jazz Festival on Canada Day. Surprise to see Jenocide join Ruby Jean on the tour they’re embarking.

Ohbijou at Ottawa Jazz Festival on Canada Day

Almost Wrapping Up and Preparing for Canada Day – S06E42

It’s one of those unique timing as I didn’t have an audio recorder or not bring an USB microphone to pre-record the first half of the show as I was on for 2 hours at CKCU-FM. I wasn’t expecting to air some kind of interview segment as I decided to interview someone from The National Capital Commission to talk about Canada Day. Due to the unique timing, it was best to get the interview over with as I wouldn’t have an opportunity to have an extended time on the airwaves. The first hour was the Wild 10 Countdown and there’s a new number one song and it’s Lose It by Austra. They bumped Kill Count by The Balconies off the top spot.
The second hour had the interview with Denise LeBlanc of the NCC to talk about the plans for Canada’s 144th birthday celebration.
Since Polaris Music Prize is near, I played some of the would be contenders that will most likely be on the long list for June 16th’s announcement.

As for wrapping up, there’s two shows left until the end of season 2’s radio show and the blog will coincide with the season finale as well.
Oh yeah, how can I not forget to give a usual shoutout to Nat & Marie as I’ve been enjoying their Internet show on Wednesday night. Even though, they conflict with The Wedge on Much.

The playlist is posted at this link. The final song I played on the show, it’s a cover to Leo Sayer’s When I Need You. The Chinese version was released in 1999 and was the theme song to a Hong Kong TV drama by TVB.

Thursday Update
I had the opportunity to go on for Thursday at CKCU-FM and sub in for the Hip-Hop show, Fundamentally Sound. The host, Dennis was running late and decided to go for a bit. I didn’t have time to play the would be contenders for the Polaris Music Prize Long List. The two songs played on Thursday’s extra show were eventually on the long list. The playlist is at this link.

The June 15th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The June 16th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

2010 Summer Special

It’s this time of year where I sporadically post entries during the Summer. I had the opportunity to go for more Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest dates compared to last year. I was able to do audio interviews with several artists. It will be provided here. Overall, I was excited to see some of the performing acts. Worse part was enduring the heat.

The Ottawa Folk Festival Edition (Posted on August 18, 2010)

You can listen to the August 18th edition of the radio show. Aside from the top 10 countdown and Arcade Fire songs, there were interviews from Rolf Klausener of The Acorn, Aidan Knight, Jill Zmud, & Jim Bryson.
Press play to listen.

Apparently, I am taking part in this blog rally challenge, check the blog link out by clicking here. If you like my entry on Ottawa Bluesfest or the radio show, just comment away. Finished on July 26th.

Don’t forget to check out http://wild5countdownckcu.wordpress.com/ as it will be the only blog to be updated weekly during the Summer. I have been mentioning Arcade Fire over on the other blog.

Cameo In Audio Form on Other Radio Shows

Posted: August 4, 2010
There are two radio shows where I made a voice cameo appearance.
The New Midnight Jamz on July 31, 2010 – press play to listen.

The Drunken Master Revue on August 4, 2010 – press play to listen.

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