Some Vinyl Listening – S11E17

Basia Bulat You Say Party Vinyls

This week saw the release of two new music albums. One from Basia Bulat and the other being the return of You Say Party. 2016 sees some fantastic releases from Canadian musicians and bands and what not better to go through these two album. I had the opportunity to listen to the albums on vinyls.

Good Advice by Basia Bulat
Released on February 12th, Good Advice is her fourth studio album and the unique part to this album was that it’s produced Jim James of My Morning Jacket. For those that don’t know, being a fan of The Strombo Show, Bulat was on George Stroumboulopoulos’ radio show in 2014 and she made a mention of My Morning Jacket being one of her favourite bands. Not knowing her soon-to-be album at that time had inklings of Jim James producing.

With her new album, the theme running through each tracks go through heartbreak and breakup. Bulat’s last album, Tall Tall Shadow went through loss and sorrow. This album is entirely different. The first half of the album sounds fast pace and no slow melodies in the form of a ballad. The latter half of the album is more relaxed.

One song that felt strong is Let Me In. You can hear the emotion and the heartbreak of the song. It’s like being locked out of the door and trying to get back in.

The song, The Garden slightly reminded me of a song from her 2010 album, Heart of My Own. That song being The Shore. When listening to The Garden, it’s reminding me of walking into a big garden whereas The Shore reminded me walking to a beach or some place that’s near water.

Overall, Good Advice totally delivers and a terrific outing for Bulat.

You Say Party – Self Titled Album
It’s been six years since Abbotsfords, B.C.’s You Say Party disbanded. Six years since the loss of their drummer, Devon Clifford. Starting out in Canadian indie in 2008, I was enamoured with You Say Party and their dancey new wave sounds filled with synths. I’ve been a great supporter and fan of their music.

Becky Ninkovic, Stephen O’Shea, Derek Adam and Krista Loewen are back with their fourth studio self-titled album. Also released on February 12th. After a long hiatus, the band is back with energetic and dreamy tunes to listen over and over. Each of the tracks have their patience and evolving as it’s more deliberately paced compared to their previous albums. There’s a lot of thought provoking delivered and a chill factor to the tracks on the album.

One song that felt compelling is the final track, Heading In The Direction of the Rising Sun. The sound of the drum beating felt haunting but it also made me remember the late Clifford. It felt like his spirit lived on from that track.

The album is a great pick up for any fans into the new wave and dream pop genre. For vinyl fans, try to pick it up as possible as it’s sold out from Paper Bag Records‘ website.

A great start to 2016 with two fantastic Canadian albums. Will both albums be on the 2016 edition of The Polaris Music Prize? On the long list, it is most definitely. Listen to the albums at a music store or online. You will enjoy them!

Well, it’s mostly videos from my Instagram as I was listening to the vinyls.