Winterlude Kick-Off Celebration – S11E14

Winterlude 2016 Main

Friday night at Confederation Park in Ottawa, Winterlude kicked off its 38th edition of the Winter festival in the Nation’s Capital. Of all the times to checked out Winterlude, I never got to be at the kick-off celebration.

Prior to the kick-off, I was able to take photos of the ice sculptures, there were some that weren’t completed. By the water fountain, there were other sculptures completed.
By 7:30pm, the kick-off started and I only checked out Insolita as they dazzled the crowd with fire and drumming.

Winterlude runs from January 29th to February 15th.

Apologies for the lack of posts on the blog to start 2016, but don’t fret! Chinese New Year is near and expect a few posts on the festivities.
One last thing, the photos from the Winterlude Kick-Off is over on Flickr, click HERE.