Sage Wellness Open House – S11E03

Sage Wellness Open House Main-1
Sage Wellness had their open house on Thursday night over on Gladstone Ave in downtown Ottawa. For those that don’t know, Sage Wellness is a space where they specialize in massage therapy, acupuncture, and various health and holistic practices. The reason for going was that I know someone on social media and an opportunity to check out the place for itself.

I was curious to try an acupuncture, which you can see the photo from below and also on Instagram. At first, I wasn’t sure if there was a sting but I felt nothing. It was a relief to get it over with.

With the open house, there were paintings from local artists displayed and appetizers and goodies by Thyme and Again.
Overall, the open house was pretty good and I’m pretty interested in trying out the infrared sauna that they have.

You can check out the photos from below. There’s some Impossible B&W Photos as well.


Sage Wellness Open House-1 Sage Wellness Open House-2 Sage Wellness Open House-3 Sage Wellness Open House-4 Sage Wellness Open House-5 Sage Wellness Open House-6
Sage Wellness Open House-7 Sage Wellness Open House-8 Sage Wellness Open House-9 Sage Wellness Open House-10 Sage Wellness Open House-11 Sage Wellness Open House-12

Impossible B&W Photos
Impossible B&W Sage Wellness 2 Impossible B&W Sage Wellness 1 Impossible B&W Luca and Eva at Sage Wellness