A Few Goodies and Polaroids from the Polaris Gala – S11E02

Polaris 2015 Goodies

The day after the 2015 Polaris Music Prize Gala had been buzzing over Buffy Sainte-Marie’s win on various sites from CBC.ca to The Guardian and other music sites like Exclaim. For some good laughs on Exclaim, they posted Twitter reactions for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize, go to this link. One of my tweets was on it.
Aside from that, it’s great to be back in Ottawa and the day after the Gala in Toronto, I was feeling unwell but have recovered.

Onto the goodies and a couple of more photos. It’s the second year to shoot Polaroids using The Impossible Project film. I didn’t shoot a lot this time because of the big lens for the Sony a7 camera. I was able to take a Polaroid of Sainte-Marie prior to the Gala and later becoming the eventual winner. I was able to snag a copy of The Polaris Cover Sessions #1 on vinyl and the green booklet as pictured above.

With the instant photos, I only took a photo of a radio host on SiriusXM, a photo of the band, Dwayne Gretzky at the afterparty. Those were it. You can view it below.

Due to pulling an all nighter from the Gala on Monday night, I didn’t get a chance to post more photos. Posted below are the 2015 shortlist posters. I added a couple of photos over on Flickr, just click HERE to view the album.

The Impossible Project- B&W Hard Color Frames for SX-70
Impossible Gina K at Polaris Gala
Gina K – Host of Press Play at SiriusXM

Impossible Buffy Sainte Marie at Polaris Gala
Buffy Sainte-Marie

Impossible Dwayne Gretzky at Polaris Gala Afteparty
Dwayne Gretzky performing the afterparty.

The 2015 Polaris Music Prize Shortlist Posters
2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-1 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-2 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-3 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-4 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-5
2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-6 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-7 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-8 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-9 2015 Polaris Shortlist Posters-10