Shooting With Impossible Photos at NXNE – S09E41

Impossible NXNE

It started last year when I brought along the Fujifilm Instax and shot some instant photos. It became more a fun thing to do and to bring some nostalgia. Since digital photography is more prevalent, I decided to shoot with analog photographs to make things interesting. The response has been brought with surprise.

For the 2014 edition of NXNE, I decided to bring along the Polaroid camera and stacks of The Impossible Project films in various coloured frames. It was to provide shots to the artists, bands and friends as a way to cherish memories. I finally tried out the Black & White film for the SX-70 camera and it looked vibrant. I had been weary of using black & white because it didn’t interest but I found out that it develops faster than color. It has this artistic feel to it.
it was great to bring stacks as a few of the packs were made in late 2013 and best to use them as soon as possible.
Overall, it’s nice to bring some old-school flavour into photography.

I took photos at a couple of shows, at the CBC Radio 3 Fan Picnic and from Saturday’s MiO Squirtcar. Also in one of the photos, I got to meet one of The Strombo Show team during NXNE.
You can view the photos from below. There’s one photo that didn’t turn out too good due to the bright sunlight.

From Friday – Rah Rah and Shred Kelly
Impossible Rah Rah NXNE Impossible Shred Kelly NXNE

From Saturday at the CBC Radio 3 Fan Picnic
Impossible R3 Picnic 2014-1

The B&W Photos – One with Lana Gay and the other silly photo with Eric Adams
Impossible R3 Picnic 2014 Lana BandW Impossible R3 Picnic 2014-2

Saturday Night (NXNE) – Mo Kenney at The Horseshoe Tavern
Impossible NXNE Saturday Mo Kenney

Saturday Night (NXNE) – Zeus at Cameron House (Outdoor)
Impossible NXNE Saturday Zeus-1 Impossible NXNE Saturday Zeus-2

With Colton from The Strombo Show
With Colton Impossible at NXNE

The MiO Squirtcar in B&W Photos – Dragonette and Wintersleep
Impossible MiO Squirtcar Dragonette Impossible MiO Squirtcar Wintersleep
Impossible MiO Squirtcar BandW