A Wrap-Up To NXNE 2014 Edition – S09E40

NXNE 2014 Banner

It was an exciting weekend being in Toronto and attending NXNE. What I forgot to mention in the previous entry that the festival celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and it’s a become a major hub for the Toronto music scene and abroad.

Onto the events I went to on Saturday. The first was attending the unofficial CBC Radio 3 Fan Picnic in Trinity-Bellwoods Park. This year, Grant Lawrence was unable to host it as he’s busy with the CBC Beetle Roadtrip Sessions. In his place was the lovely Lana Gay. The performers for this year were the Ottawa band, Loon Choir and Vancouver’s Skye Wallace. It was a fun time and good to see people that I know that were at the picnic.

After the picnic, I headed off to the Microsoft Surface Cafe. It’s a coffee shop where the company offered a first look of the Surface Pro 3. I was there for the Surface Harmony with the 2014 Polaris Music Prize Long List nominee, The Darcys. Jason Couse performed several tracks at the coffee shop and chatted along with bandmate, Wes Marksell about their musical upbringing and other things. It was quite an intimate setting and great to surprise them in showing up for the support.

After seeing The Darcys, it was off to The Horseshoe Tavern to check out Mo Kenney. Before Kenney, I checked out Stephanie Cameron and she’s from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Mo Kenney was then up and she brought an amazing performance. Next was to the Cameron House to check out Zeus live. It’s one of the bands I haven’t got to see live and it was amazing to see them rock the house down outside on a Saturday night.

I checked out a couple of their songs from Zeus and it was off to another venue (which I didn’t go) but when I was waiting to catch the streetcar, I saw an unusual streetcar and someone was calling out my name and it was one of The Darcys calling me out. I then hopped on the streetcar and it was the MiO Squirtcar. I didn’t know The Darcys were hosting and Dragonette was performing. It was a unique setting and definitely fun as the people dancing to the tunes of Dragonette.

I then decided to wait for another ride to find out that Wintersleep was performing. It’s one of the bands I never got a chance to see live when they came to Ottawa several times. They did an amazing and fun set on the streetcar and played out some of the popular tracks. It was a surprise to see Russ of N2DS2W join along for the ride. There were times I would split of from the CBC Radio 3 fans to other shows. It was nice to have company around.
The MiO Squirtcar ended off the festivities at NXNE.

All in all, I definitely had a great time at NXNE. It was a thrill to see people again and meet up with new people who love music.
You can check out the photos over from Flickr and extras taken from the iPhone. I have Impossible photos but it will on the next entry.

Links (Via Flickr)
The CBC Radio 3 Fan Picnic 2014
The Darcys at Microsoft Surface Cafe
The Saturday lineup at NXNE

Photos – Taken from the iPhone
MiO Squirtcar
The MiO Squirtcar

The Darcys at MiO Squirtcar
Jason of The Darcys hosting the event

From Instagram – Dragonette performing at MiO Squirtcar