PROMdemonium 6 – S09E28

Prom was all the rage this weekend and it’s not the high school type. My former colleague had her prom, Journalism style and she’s finishing up her studies. Elsewhere, I had the opportunity to check out PROMdemonium, held at the Glebe Community Centre. It’s their sixth year holding it and was sold out.

What is the event? PROMdemonium is a fun-filled event and is a fundraiser for local communities. As their website states, it’s a radical, community-oriented, gender-bending, bike-loving, enviro-humping, queer-diggin, slow dancing, big dress wearing prom that you never had. People reliving their high school prom but they can dress extravagantly and elegantly as possible.
Funds to PROMdemonium goes out to causes and organizations which bring out initiatives in social, economic and environmental justice.

It was my first time attending the event and I was there taking photos and carrying two cameras. One was a DSLR camera and the other being a Polaroid. It’s nice to see people be surprised in getting an instant photo. I posted a photo over at my Facebook Page. I didn’t expect to bump into people I know and be mistaken to another person. There was some great music played and it ranged from the classics of the 80s to the present. There was Drake played at the prom and some could groan about it. Photos from the event are posted below.

For those who know me, I rarely dress nice as it was prom, I attempted to do selfies and slightly failed at it. You will see it below the photo section. I have been enamoured with products from Hudson’s Bay very recently. I’ve been liking their famous multi stripe. Before heading to the Glebe for PROMdemonium, I went to Hudson’s Bay and picked up an iPhone case by Gelaskins and a Chambray multi stripe bow tie. As least, I was being fashionable.

Overall, I had a great time and I’m slowly getting back into the Ottawa events scene. To whoever got the Impossible photos, hope you liked them!


From Instagram, my attempt to do a selfie. The one on the right was taken by someone I knew from high school.

Photos from the DSLR
PROMdemonium6-1 PROMdemonium6-2 PROMdemonium6-3 PROMdemonium6-4
PROMdemonium6-5 PROMdemonium6-6 PROMdemonium6-8 PROMdemonium6-9
PROMdemonium6-10 PROMdemonium6-11 PROMdemonium6-12 PROMdemonium6-13
PROMdemonium6-14 PROMdemonium6-15 PROMdemonium6-16 PROMdemonium6-17
PROMdemonium6-18 PROMdemonium6-19 PROMdemonium6-20 PROMdemonium6-21
PROMdemonium6-22 PROMdemonium6-23 PROMdemonium6-24 PROMdemonium6-25
PROMdemonium6-26 PROMdemonium6-27 PROMdemonium6-28 PROMdemonium6-29
PROMdemonium6-30 PROMdemonium6-31 PROMdemonium6-32 PROMdemonium6-33 PROMdemonium6-34 PROMdemonium6-35
PROMdemonium6-36 PROMdemonium6-37 PROMdemonium6-38 PROMdemonium6-39
PROMdemonium6-40 PROMdemonium6-41 PROMdemonium6-42 PROMdemonium6-43 PROMdemonium6-44