The Slightly First Live Show of 2014 & More Instant Photos – S09E20

WildWorks Vinyl January 13, 2014

After two week of the best of 2013, it’s back to the usual music show and being live on CKCU. OK, there was another hour but it was pre-taped and the playlist will be coming for it. January is usually thought to be a slow month in terms of new music. Apparently, I’m wrong as this week’s radio show had some new music being played. Certain bands haven’t released for four years and there is some buzz as we expect new material.

Returning to the radio show for the second half of the live show was Lauren. Back from her Christmas holidays. It was great that she was there because there were new songs from Coeur de Pirate and announced on social media & music sites, a new song from Tokyo Police Club. The band will be releasing the album, Forcefield on March 25th. The verdict on the new song is quite different than previous song on their albums. It sounds more poppy and not as rockin’ from the previous works.

As for Coeur de Pirate, she’s releasing a new album which is mainly cover songs and based on a CBC French TV show, Trauma. For the first time, Beatrice Martin (known as Coeur de Pirate) releases an English album through cover songs.
Also played were Crissi Cochrane as she released a live track which was posted on YouTube (Little Sway on January 28th), Robyn Dell’Unto (Little Lines on January 28th) and Warpaint (second self-titled album on January 21st).

The playlist for the second hour is at this link. You can listen to the audio from below.

New Instant Films Shot by The Impossible Project 
Prior to the holidays, I was able to get new instant from The Impossible Project. They recently released the special frames edition for the Polaroid 600 type cameras. The specials separately consists of gold, silver and color frames. In excitement of the new year, I finally got to try out the Colour Film for 600 Color Frames Edition by The Impossible Project. Impossible said that they improved the formula and the development time was also changed from 30-40 minutes to about 24-40 minutes.

Compared to the PX 680, the film doesn’t have the pinkish look after its development. The 600 film looks clearer. Overall, I’m satisfied with the new 600 film and the color frames makes it look stylish and cool. You can check the photos posted from below and I posted two photos from my Facebook page on the weekend.

Have a great week!

Audio/Radio Show
The January 13th Radio Show – Hour 1. Press play to listen.

The January 13th Radio Show – Hour 2. Press play to listen.

Playlist – From The First Hour
Spectral Dusk – Evening Hymns
Itchy Blood – The Darcys
The Game of Love – Daft Punk
Prophecy – Adam & The Amethysts
Meteor Witness – Silverkeys
Green and Gold – Lanterns on the Lake
Stay Where We Are – The Love Machine
Empty Voice – Paterson Hall
Running If You Call My Name – HAIM
Dead City Emily – Marissa Nadler
What’d You Come Here For – The Kostanzas

Me Color Frames IP Lion Dance Color Frames IP Me Color Frames Blue Color Frames IP Green Mailyne Alex Color Frames IP