A Tribute to Anita Mui, 10th Anniversary – S09E17 (Part 1)

WildWorks Vinyl December 30 Anita Mui

It’s on this day, ten years ago when I heard the sad news that Anita Mui peacefully passed away from cancer. It was fitting on this day, being December 30th that I played songs on CKCU-FM. As I filled in for The Drunken Master Revue, it was just nice to play classic songs and try to remember how much of an impact Mui made in Hong Kong and abroad. Towards the end of the first hour, I was in tears when two songs (videos posted below) I played were emotional to listen.
Growing up, I have been fond of watching music awards shows and Hong Kong films. It’s part of my upbringing till this day that I kept my cultural background as people who we idolize over time are no longer around. Ten years seem to have gone by quickly as her presence and even Leslie Cheung (died in the same year) are deeply missed.

As mentioned on the show that she was the Madonna of Asia as she channeled songs and bringing lavish fashion and clothing. I cited quotes from an article over at Wall Street Journal during the tribute. Also on the day was the memorial concert held in Hong Kong to commemorate the tenth anniversary of her death. Stars from Andy Lau, Jackie Chan and Sandy Lam took part in the memorial. It was organized by singer, Jacky Cheung and actor, Eric Tsang.
For non-Chinese readers, here’s another article from WSJ Asia on the Anita Mui memorial concert. Published on December 31, 2013.

Anita Mui is still cherished and remembered to this day. Her music and movies will never be forgotten.
You can listen to the audio below. There were some songs I played for the first time on CKCU-FM as well with the usual classic Anita Mui songs played on occasion.

Audio/Radio Show
The first hour of WildWorks on CKCU for December 30, 2013. The Tribute to Anita Mui.
Press play to listen.

From November 5, 2013, I played 夕陽之歌 (From Anita Classic Moment Live 2003) and two other versions, one being Masahiko “Matchy” Kondo’s song, 夕焼けの歌. The playlist is at this link.
Press play to listen.

Playlist from December 30th (Hour 1 on CKCU-FM)
相愛很難 – with Jacky Cheung
矇矓夜雨裡 (Live) – with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai from 1995
孤身走我路 (Video shown below)
珍惜再會時 (From Anita Classic Moment 2003)

孤身走我路 (Walking on My Own Way Alone) – A song I would rarely play as it would bring me into tears.

珍惜再會時 (Cherish When We Meet Again) [From Anita Classic Moment 2003] – The last words she sang from her final song ten years would bring you into tears.

Various Artists singing to Song of Sunset (夕陽之歌) from 梅艷芳。10。思念。音樂。會
The full version can be seen at this link.

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