JD & The Straight Shot Concert Review from November 8, 2012

On November 8th, I had the opportunity to check out the New York band, JD & The Straight Shot at the National Arts Centre. They were the opening act for ZZ Top. The Straight Shot is fronted by James Dolan, who owns the Madison Square Gardens company. Other members in the band consist of guitarists Marc Copely and Adam Levy, keyboardist Brian Mitchell, drummer Shawn Pelton, bassist Zev Katz, and violinist Lorenza Ponce. It’s definitely a powerhouse of a band as some tour with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. The Straight Shot aren’t no slouch as they toured with The Eagles, The Allman Brothers and others to name a few.
The band’s musical style and influence are a blend of classic rock and blues. The unique thing about the band is that they’re not signed to a major record label and Dolan understands the changing business of the music industry as anyone can make their own music using their computer.
When they were in Ottawa, they were promoting their current EP, Midnight Run. With their performance, it felt like I was at Ottawa Bluesfest in an in-door setting because of the slow styled beats and melodic sound. Their current EP also brought out a New Orleans theme and in a way, holding a glass of Bourbon while. Mind you, I am not a drinker.
One of the songs Dolan mentioned during his performance that it was considered for a movie called Lawless but it got passed off. Instead, they performed to the delight of the Ottawa crowd.
Overall, the crowd enjoyed The Straight Shot’s performance and even Dolan said that the Ottawa was great. No one left their seats during the performance.
Midnight Run is available on iTunes and at any music stores.