The Theme Was Korea for Continuing Asian Heritage Month – S07E40

I didn’t think of it but this week’s unexpected theme was anything on Korea. At least May is still Asian Heritage Month and before going on-air at CKCU, there were some Koreans checking out the station. Since CKCU-FM has a Chinese and Vietnamese programming, there hasn’t been a Korean spoken program on the station. It was fitting that this entry is dedicated to anything Korean. As you know from my radio show that I play Chinese and some Japanese music. I haven’t played K-Pop (Korean Pop) music as I rarely keep up to date.
The photo posted was an event I attended on Sunday afternoon called 4 in 1 Sessions and the second edition had Scary Bear Soundtrack. The lead member, Gloria is Korean. I posted photos on the WildWorks Facebook page.
For some unique reason, there’s a nice I took during the Victoria Day long weekend, here’s the link.

Who else is Korean (mentioned on CKCU-FM)? Well, there’s Nat from Nat & Marie as I gave a shoutout on my slightly Korean themed show.
Aside from Asian Heritage Month, there was some tributes played on the show. One for Donna Summer (first part) and Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees (the live show) as both talented musicians passed away recently.
Getting into pop culture, The Rolling Stones were played because Mick Jagger hosted and performed on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Arcade Fire performed one of the songs from the final sketch. It’s lovely hearing the song, She’s a Rainbow.
Last thing, I cannot stop listening to Beach House’s new album, Bloom. Aside from Myth and Lazuli, I decided to play Other People to make it different week after week.
Without further ado, the playlist for the May 23rd show is at this link.

Audio/Radio Show
The May 23rd Radio Show – Press play to listen.