The New Chair Plus Interviews from Ben Caplan and Teenage Kicks – S07E33

On Friday, CKCU-FM announced that they got new chairs in the on-air studio. The response to these swanky and stylish chairs have been positive. I gave the new chair a try and so far, it’s comfortable but I was sure about fiddling around with the height and positions for the chair. The only minor setback were the arm rest as it was set low. Overall, a great addition and also looking professional at the radio show.
Aside from the new chairs, today’s show had two interviews. They were Ben Caplan from Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers and Teenage Kicks. The audio will be posted below.
Note (April 4, 2013): The Teenage Kicks interview is unavailable. Will find an alternative for the interview.
After the interviews, I decided to continue with the Leslie Cheung tribute as April 1st was not too long ago and a radio show on RTHK Radio 2 have been playing Cheung’s songs. There were a few favourites that I wanted to play as I wanted to finish off the yearly tribute.
The playlist from the show is posted at this link.
Easter weekend is upon us and wanting to wish you a good long weekend.

The April 4th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The Ben Caplan Interview