The Interview with Hey Ocean! (2012 Edition) – S07E31

On March 15, 2012, I had the opportunity to have my co-host, Lauren help me in interviewing Vancouver’s Hey Ocean! I wasn’t thinking how it would happen but at the spur of the moment, it was luck to getting to do the interview with the band. It’s been over two years that I last saw them. What was surprising was one of the members remembered me from the Bands Undone session. It was nice that they have a good memory. One of the funny parts in the interview was asking them about their use of Instagram as the mobile app has become very popular among iPhone/iPod touch users.
The interview got aired on CKCU-FM today (March 21) and it went off without a hitch. As usual, there were new songs from Beach House and Santigold as I’m getting hooked on the tracks and the impeding release of the album.
Another thing that’s happening was The Charlatan trying to do interview with me for their Perspectives piece. I would not expect to have interest from volunteers because I get to do a radio show. It’s nice and flattering to get some buzz. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, they couldn’t get the camera working to shoot the video. The second attempt will happen for next week.
The Wild 10 Countdown is still going on a delay. I totally apologize the inconvenience.
Don’t forget to check the March 21st playlist over at this link.
The audio interview and radio show are provided from below. Seeya around.

The March 21st Radio Show – Press play to listen.
The live show – Press play to listen.
The Hey Ocean! Interview