The Interview With Little City – S07E29

Last Saturday night (March 3rd), I had the opportunity to chat with some of the members of the Toronto band, Little City. They were preforming at the Avant Garde Bar.
I’ve been playing their songs on the podcast and live parts of the radio show. It’s nice to give a band some support. If you listen to the interview, there were mentions of a few prominent members (mostly part-time) in the band. There were some funny points to the interview as I mentioned a “rival” radio host. It’s all in good fun. Overall, give a lot of support for Little City.
You can listen to the interview in the audio section from below.
On the radio show, it was the return of Lauren on the airwaves as she has been away. She was there for the live part of the show. She got to listen to the interview. There were new tracks from the likes of Arcade Fire, Said The Whale (also played on the countdown) and a live track from The Naked & Famous for Daytrotter. It was a great show because of the interview and the tracks I played. I couldn’t be pleased with today’s live radio show and a relief that Lauren made it for the show.
I hope to do a review of Little Mountain by Said The Whale.
On another note, there will be delays to the Wild 10 Countdown blog as I got bogged down with various things. In case you wanted to know, Plants & Animals were on top for 4 weeks and right now, Said The Whale is number one this week as Little Mountain got released this week. I apologize for the delay for the current and past countdown entries.
Without further ado, the playlist for the March 7 show is over at this link.
Last thing, don’t ask me about the new iPad. I haven’t looked up much information.

The March 7th Radio Show (Full 2 hours) – Press play to listen.
The interview with Little City