It’s Still Cold Outside But There’s New Music To Guide You Along – S07E20

The second radio show of January 2012 were interesting and fun as I had some new tracks to play and the return of Lauren as she returned from her holiday. To start off, there’s a going to be a bunch of new albums coming out for January and February. On the live part of the show, there were new tracks by Sleigh Bells, The Wooden Sky, The Darcys (again), and Joel Plaskett Emergency.
Halfway through the show, Lauren and myself talked about the Coachella lineup and then ending off with the 2nd anniversary of Haiti earthquake. With the Haiti earthquake, I had the opportunity to give my support to the wonderful organization, Kanpe Foundation through DAVIDsTEA. Kanpe is really dedicated to help rebuild Haiti and they’re still continuing with the achievements to keep Haiti strong.
Back to the Coachella lineup, one song I played was pretty nostalgic as it was Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. It’s quite a surprise that the band is still around after all these years. It was fitting to play it even though it’s a bit sombre to listen to the song.
In other CKCU related stuff, my entry for the favourite artist of 2011 is posted at this link. It’s about Emmy The Great.
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Audio/Radio Show
The full January 11, 2012 show – Press play to listen.

The live part of WildWorks for January 11, 2012 – Press play to listen.