Hello 2012! Finishing Up My Best in Music for 2011 – S07E19

Happy New Year! 2012 is now here and 2011 was an interesting year to say the least. From protesting to occupying and a lot of elections, there was so much craziness happening around the world. Aside from that, the music in 2011 was pretty good as indie music continued to be strong as Arcade Fire won every awards and seeing the rise of new bands and artists from the likes of Cults and Lana Del Rey.
The radio show to begin 2012 was a wrap-up to my best of 2011. The top 11 of 2011 time is the non-Canadian indie music. There were a good variety of indie music outside of Canada. My top 11 were my favourites throughout 2011. One song (and album) in the top 11 was technically released in 2010 but it was released in North America in March of 2011.
There was the return of the Wild 10 Countdown as it resumes from the holiday. Expect to hear new Canadian releases in the months to come.
You can check out the playlist at the link. The Wild 10 Countdown beginning 2012 is posted at this link.
What began 2012 was getting my MOO Minicards. You can see it from the photo on top.
Have a good start to 2012!

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