Joined By a Guest Co-Host for November – S07E13

It’s been a thrill to get a guest co-host because the regular co-host has been missing for weeks. A miracle happened as I got someone who’s on Carleton’s Journalism radio program airing on CKCU-FM. The spin-off program airs on Friday afternoon and I’ve been told that a lot of students signed up for the program and had to be split up. When I listened to Week’s End, some of the reporters use Twitter and I decided to contact one of them. That person who I contacted happened to be Candice So and to my own surprise, she’s very enthusiastic about indie music and radio. The rest is history as Wednesday’s show has Ms. So joining as a co-host for the next few weeks. The show’s slightly not perfect because the guest co-host told me she didn’t have much sleep and busy with projects.
Overall, the show was not perfect as we messed up on some parts but it was fully enjoyable and witty with two people hosting. It’s great to have Ms. So’s presence on my radio show as she likes the music that I play and just having fun all around. It’s also been awhile that I haven’t played The Naked & Famous in quite awhile. The opening theme doesn’t count. It was great to hear Punching In a Dream as it was played on MuchMusic’s The Wedge a week ago.
Don’t forget to listen to the radio show below.
The playlist for the radio show is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary for November 16th is at this link.

Tech Talk
For anyone who’s been bugging me for several years since its release, I finally got an iPhone. The iPhone 4S to be specific. I was just frustrated with the BlackBerry as the battery was getting drained quickly. It was time to upgrade a cell phone and a friend tweeted me to go for the iPhone 4S, which I did.
The part I need to get familiar is the high image quality for the camera. I’ve been accustomed to lower image quality the iPad and iPod touch. The 8 megapixel camera on the 4S is a big step for me. I’ve taken some photos and one is posted above and another is posted at The New Midnight Jamz on Facebook. Since it uses 1080p resolution, I have not tried to shoot video yet.
I’m glad with the upgrade on the cell phone.

Audio/Radio Show
The November 16th Radio Show – Press play to listen.