Things Got Delayed Due To Technology Issues & The Adam & The Amethysts Interview – S07E08

Sorry for the delay as I was concentrating on updating my Apple device to iOS 5. The frustration was that their servers got overwhelmed and I wasted the whole afternoon. My devices were not able to be updated due to backup errors. Another issue was RIM’s BlackBerry being down throughout the world. I was able to go online during my radio show but after my show and hopping the bus, I was Twitter-less.
This leads to the interview with Adam Waito of Adam & The Amethysts. I had a chance to meet him at Raw Sugar Cafe on October 7, 2011. Great band and they’ve been garnering a lot of buzz and airplay as Flickering Flashlight got released. Probably one of the reason for their buzz is being that they’re signed with Ottawa’s Kelp Records. The band had a good turnout at Raw Sugar Cafe for that Friday night. The interview itself is posted below on the audio and podcast section. Also on the show were the top 10 countdown and songs that used from Apple tv ads.
Aside from the insanity of BlackBerry and Apple, later that Wednesday night, I attended the launch party for It was nice to see a few people and I totally ate a lot of smoked salmon. Kudos to the person who planned out the party. Oh yes, my Apple devices were updated to iOS 5 later that night.
Without further ado, the playlist from Wednesday’s show and the first podcast is at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is at this link.

The October 12th radio show and podcast. Press play to listen.

The Adam & The Amethysts Interview