Attended Ottawa Fashion Week With a Touch of Mentioning Friends and Sushi – S07E06

After an exciting time in Montreal for Pop Montreal on the previous weekend, I’d never expect to attend another event, in a fashion sense for Ottawa. That’s right, Ottawa Fashion Week was held on September 29 to October 1. For myself, I only attended Friday and part of Saturday’s night event. I had mixed feelings in wanting to attend because I couldn’t get over being in Montreal and Arcade Fire. It was a bit of fatigue setting in. At OFW, I settled being a photographer and I was surrounded by professionals At least, a good friend attended the Fall edition of OFW and we basically had a great time laughing and bringing up jokes. At least I wasn’t intimidated by photographers. It was definitely a blast to have him around and bringing my funny antics at events like this would bring a lot of fun. It was also a privilege to meet the blogger, Thoughts of a Ninja. She was doing the live video stream for OFW and it sure looked like a fun job to video broadcast on the Internet. It was also nice to see Pop ChampagneMay-Jun, Sincerely, Sabrina and countless others at the event.
As for Saturday night, I missed parts of showings as I went to 168 Sushi for a friend’s birthday. The most hilarious part was sneaking out some sushi as with “all you can sushi,” they’ll throw away the leftover if you can’t finish. I promised my photographer friend and a friend (who’s with OFW) that I will save them sushi and I did. It’s definitely a moment for 2011 to remember. I was supposed to record a special podcast but the endless orders sushi’s came in and I didn’t record for the closing part as I gave my friend the Kanpe tea from DAVIDsTEA.
Don’t forget to check the photos below. I tried my best taking them but hopefully you enjoy the photos. I picked a select few as I took so many photos.

From Friday

From Saturday Night