The Post Pop Montreal Edition and Tackling Album Reviews – S07E04

This week’s edition is a post Pop Montreal edition. I was suppose to have Lauren join me on the show but she’s under the weather. As much I try not to play a lot of Arcade Fire songs, I couldn’t help my own excitement because of the music festival, which celebrated its 10th year.
With the media pass, it was privilege to go to O Patro Vys as they had a good lineup from Friday and Saturday night. There were a lot of choices to go to but I stuck with O Patro Vys because Ohbijou has a new album and the opening acts have a connection to one another. The Evening Hymns and Forest City Lovers are friends with Ohibjou. It was quite a surprise to check out Tasseomancy. They seem to have an influence to Bjork. One thing I forgot was that Tasseomancy are the touring members of Austra. I had a chance to watch the Polaris Music Prize on MuchMusic HD and I didn’t realize they performed at the gala.
Saturday night was quite an interesting one, after attending the Pop Vs. Jock charity basketball game, I rushed to O Patro Vys to find out the 8pm performance never happened. Although, I didn’t know Silver Creek, who they performed at around 9pm, are from Ottawa. I noticed several CKCU-FM hosts are supporters of the band. This brings to Gianna Lauren, as I saw her on back to back nights. It was nice to see her perform in Montreal. The funny thing was saving a spot for her parents, who’s a great supporter of her music career. By Divine Right came up next and they totally rocked out. Then, came Allie Hughes as I haven’t seen her in a year. The worse part, I didn’t get a chance to say hi or bye to her. Finally, Sheezer packed O Patro Vys and for any Weezer fans, they didn’t disappoint. Overall, I had a great time in Montreal and I know I wouldn’t stop gushing over Arcade Fire. Kudos to Pop Montreal for the great music festival they organized. It was a fun time.
Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to play a track from Evening Hymns, Silver Creek and Sheezer as I was not able to find their albums to provide on the radio show.
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The Wild 10 Countdown summary for September 28, 2011 is at this link.

Tackling Album Reviews

This is my first attempt to writing an album review. The first will be Metal Meets by Ohbijou. All is said about the third album of the Toronto indie pop band. So far, the entire 11 songs from the album are superb and amazing. What’s unique is the lead member, Casey Mecija being so soft and melodic with her vocal. So far, the feel of the album brings an imagery of nature and the outdoors. One song, Iron and Ore starts off with a Casio keyboard or something like an 8-bit video game. Overall, Metal Meets would make you relax on certain days.
The rating: 4 out of 5.

Another album to have listened was Metals by Feist. It’s her fourth studio album and there’s a departure in style from her third album, The Reminder. What’s changed is that it’s not as Pop manufactured like 1234, My Moon My Man and I Feel It All. The whole 12 songs in Metals seem to be slow, relaxing and more Folk music orientated. The songs also bring a nature-type of setting as there’s a kind of imagery of the forests or something in a rural setting. One of the tracks that stood out was the first track, The Bad In Each Other. The song just sounds nice to listen and getting hooked on it. Overall, the whole 12 songs can be listened in a quiet place or possibly near a fireplace on a cold Fall night. Her songs are still catchy and you wouldn’t be disappointed.
The rating: 4.5/5

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