From Mooncakes to Moon Songs – S07E01 [New Season]

What a way to begin a new season for the blog and radio show. It’s the second year to do a show playing moon songs and bringing in mooncakes in honour of Mid-Autumn Festival. This time, I decided to bring a unique kind of mooncakes to CKCU-FM. The ones I brought along were Taro and Sweet Potato cake and the other one with the purple, pink, yellow and white, they were the fruity flavoured mooncakes. Thankfully, I got them at T&T Supermarket and I wanted something different as I haven’t been accustomed to the lotus paste and egg yolk. I’m not a big fan of the egg yolk.
Enough on the food and on to the radio show. Now on the third season, it’s filled with great tunes and a returning co-host in some capacity. It’s great to have Lauren back, but I found out that she won’t be on the show for the live part. She will be there for the recorded part, which is the top 10 countdown. All in all, it’s great to get some help. In the first hour of the show, I played Go Outside (Menahan Street Band Remix) by Cults as I was listening to The Strombo Show on Sunday and George played the original version of Go Outside.

Wednesday night, we had an opportunity to interview Sara Lowes and an unexpected or impromptu but funny interview with Ben of Said The Whale. It’s great for my co-host to finally get a chance to interview a musician. Expect the interviews to be aired next week.
The playlist for September 14th’s show is at this link. The Wild 10 Countdown entry for September 14 is at this link.
Last thing, I decided to give some of the mooncakes to Dick Altavista of Both Kinds of Music and the hosts of A Juncture. Hoped you liked it. What a great way to begin the new season.

Hanging Out at The Cupcake Lounge – [Update – September 17, 2011]
Continuing the season premiere week of sorts, I had the privilege to have current co-host, Lauren and former co-host, Erica meet up for cupcakes at The Cupcake Lounge in Ottawa. We were also joined by Hilary Duff. No, not the celebrity one. We had a good time chatting and eating cupcakes. The photo posted, the cupcakes I chose were Almond Raspberry, Oreo, Apple Caramel, Red Velvet and Ginger Lemon.
I recorded a special podcast as we ran down the Polaris Music Prize Short List as September 19th will be the gala and someone will walk away with $20,000. You can listen to the special podcast in the audio/podcast section.

The season premiere of WildWorks on CKCU-FM for September 14, 2011 – press play to listen.

The Special Podcast Edition at The Cupcake Lounge – press play to listen.