From Asimo To a Mixup in Error – S06E38

The Victoria Day long weekend brought some great fun as I got to watch Honda’s ASIMO make an appearance at The Canadian Museum of Civilization. Another funny part was being around Dow’s Lake on Saturday and Monday. Saturday was for a lion dance performance and holiday Monday was for the Victoria Day Festival at Juliana Park near Dow’s Lake.

Back to Asimo, what surprised me was that I did not know that the robot was about 4 feet and it talked. It was unique to see it run, walk and do cute & funny gestures. Asimo was there to kick off the Japan: Tradition. Innovation exhibit. Don’t forget to check the photos from below.

Onto the radio show, there was a miscommunication of sorts as I was supposed to air the long awaited interview with The Stanfields and be on for two hours. For my own embarrassment, I had mentioned about airing the interview and I could not get a chance to make a correction right away. In ways, both myself and the station made apologies and things will be back to normal. I take the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience.
In a way, I got to salvage what would be the full radio show for May 25th. I had a last minute guest join me in the special podcast edition. It’s none other The New Midnight Jamz’s AJ Nice. Near the end of the special podcast, I was given the OK to use The Blend (from The Strombo Show) this past Sunday, which consisted of two female DJs, they are Miss M. from Vancouver and Tasha Rozez from Toronto. If you want to hear their mixes, it’s available at this link.
The Wild 10 Countdown was aired live for the last time as it will return to the recorded podcast. In summary, there’s a new number one song, Sara by Chad VanGaalen as Sam Roberts Band falls from the top spot. The highest climber happened to be Kill Count by The Balconies.
The playlist from the live and special edition is at this link.
Apologies for what happened on Wednesday.

The live May 25th Radio Show – Press play to listen.

The special edition podcast – Press play to listen.


Extra – Something That Made Me Laugh
Not knowing what happened on Tuesday, it made rounds in the media and as I was watching, I could not stop laughing at it and I was tearing up. It was US President, Barack Obama having an awkward moment as he gave a toast to Queen Elizabeth II and then God Save The Queen started to play as Obama continued talking. Here’s the CBS News link via YouTube. Enjoy!