Chatting and Hanging With Grand Analog Again – S06E35

It was a tough first week of May as I was sick with a cold from the events. Friday night was certain the end of the craziness as I got to see Grand Analog return to Ottawa as part of Prairie Scene. If you’re wondering why there’s a Hip-Hop band in the Prairies? The frontman, Odario Williams was originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba but he’s now based in Toronto.
Overall, I had a great time at their show at Ritual Nightclub. I also brought along someone to help me interview the band. I got to thank Tiffany for assisting in the interview. The funny part was airing the long interview on Wednesday’s radio show. I apologize if it was very lengthy.
Another message to bring up. I haven’t been able to update the top 10 entries from the Wild 10 Countdown on the blog as I mentioned that I have been sick and I just forget to update. Please bear with the delays as the top tens will eventually be posted up. You can check out the playlist at this link.

The May 11th Radio Show – Press play to listen

The Grand Analog Interview