The Hey Rosetta! Interview – S06E24

Due to circumstances, I’ve been under the weather as I caught a fever and a cold during Wednesday’s show. It couldn’t happen at a bad time when I went to air the Hey Rosetta! interview for my radio show at CKCU-FM. Since I had a special edition of WildWorks due to another radio show being on a short break. About two hours were on the airwaves. The live to air version is not it as I aired a dedication to a radio host on Wednesday nights who passed away. My condolences goes to the family and it’s a privilege to be great radio hosts at CKCU-FM.
The Wild 10 Countdown summary is over at this link. Apologies for the delay due to being sick.
For anyone who missed it live, songs I played were the new Radiohead song, brand new Adele as her album, 21 got released and a whole slew of Canadian music.

The blog finally hit 10,000 views. I know it’s a bit slow having to keep promoting it on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks a lot for supporting.
You can listen to the radio show from below. The playlist is at this link.

Audio – Radio Show & Hey Rosetta! Interview
Radio Show – press play to listen.

The Hey Rosetta! Interview – Press play to listen or download it.