Jamming Along With Cupcakes on Saturday Night – S06E22

What could I say about helping out on the February 12th edition of The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. Aside that it was the Valentine’s Day edition, I decided to bring something that’s nice and yummy. That’s right, it’s cupcakes! The photo above are from The Flour Shoppe. If I can remember the flavours, from top left to bottom right, double chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, coconut, chocolate chip pancake, and black & white. There were three more cupcakes that I got at Thimble Cakes. It’s pictured on the bottom and the three flavours were lemon, strawberry cheesecake (the one with the black heart) and mint chocolate. Unfortunately, I did not try the ones from Thimble Cakes but the host and one of the co-hosts from The New Midnight Jamz liked the cupcakes. Apologies on the Thimble Cakes photo because I kind of slipped the box when I was putting it in the bag. Overall, the gang and special guest, Dennis of Fundamentally Sound (airs on Thursday from 12-2pm at CKCU-FM) liked the cupcakes from the two shops. There was jokes on the milk when one of the hosts brought 1% milk. The others aren’t fans of that kind.
Saturday night’s radio show was totally hilarious with the hot topic about hall pass. It had something to do about a movie coming out soon. There was a lot of laughter during the segment.
It was great to have another radio show host (including myself) just having a great time on The New Midnight Jamz.
Without further ado, the audio from The New Midnight Jamz on CKCU-FM. I only talked during the first host break. There’s two photos posted at the bottom.
Tempted to get cupcakes?

Press play to listen to The New Midnight Jamz for February 12, 2011. To check the playlist, go to this link.

The Hot Topic segment – press play to listen.


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