Tried Out 2 New Chips

Even though, I was not feeling well on a Saturday, I managed to go out for grocery shopping. Being a curious consumer, there were 2 new chip flavours. One was Dorito’s Sweet Chili Heat and the other was Miss Vickie’s Roasted Red Pepper Grill.
Both of the chip seemed alright, but it wasn’t good for my tongue since I can’t stand HOT or spicy.
The Doritos tasted sweet in the beginning but burned my tongue. The Miss Vickie’s Red Pepper almost burned my tongue. All in all, they were alright, but hot flavours cannot be good for me.


3 thoughts on “Tried Out 2 New Chips

  1. Elliemarie says:

    Ooh, I love the new sweet chili heat ones. You should try the sweet chili and sour cream Miss Vickies-they are not spicy but very tasty!

  2. debz says:

    Miss Vickies are delicious. I have two favorite flavours – I think one was the sour cream one but didn’t know it was sweet chili also – will get back to you on the other one.

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